Kaltura Video Plugin for Jive User Guide

This guide is intended for users of the Kaltura Video Plugin for Jive.

The following documentation is available for information about Kaltura's Video Plugin for Jive:

Section 1 Overview of Kaltura's Video Plugin for Jive

Section 2 Interacting With Media 

  • Media Comments

Section 3 KAF Search Functionality

Section 4 Managing Your Media 

Section 5 Entry Level Analytics

Section 6 Sharing Media

Section 7 Media Gallery

Space and Group managers are the managers of the Media Gallery. As a manager, you can perform actions that other members of the project or group cannot. 

These actions include:

  • Configuring Media Gallery settings and setting the description and tags for the Media Gallery
  • Moderating the content added to the Media Gallery
  • Removing content from the Media Gallery
  • Curating Media Gallery Playlists
  • Reviewing video engagement end-user analytics in the Space / Group

All members can:

  • Watch and interact with published content
  • Browse and search the Media Gallery
  • Add Media (pending the project or group manager’s moderation)
  • Remove media they have added

Section 8 Publishing Media

Section 9 Channel/Course Analytics

Section 10 Embed Media through Rich-Text Editor

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