Customize the Media Entry Display - For Users

This article describes how to change or modify a KMS or KAF entry's display.

To customize the display

  1. Login to KMS or KAF.
  2. Navigate to My Media.
  3. Select an entry and click the Edit icon or select Edit from the Actions drop down menu. The Edit Entry page displays.
  4. Click on the Display tab.
  5. Choose from the following options to customize the design of the entry page. Note that the availability of the possible settings depends on your Kaltura administrator's configuration:
    1. Choose a custom player for the page. The choices available are from a predefined set of players supplied by the admin.
    2. Uncheck the UI elements that you want to hide on the entry page.
      • Header – The Header includes the entire bar on the top of the KMS/KAF screen. If a you decide to remove it, it will also remove the logo, and all other links.
      • Header logo – The KMS/KAF main logo on the top left of KMS/KAF screen.
      • Sidebar – The sidebar refers to the bar to the right of the player. Depending on your KMS/KAF settings, you may or may not have a sidebar, related media, or a playlist chosen by the admin. 
      • Entry properties – The properties are right below the player, containing the entry’s name, owner, and 3 counter icons for views, comments and likes. 
      • Entry tabs – Below the properties tab, the entry tab includes the Details, Share, Attachments and the Actions drop down menu. 
      • Comments – The comment section, if enabled in your KMS/KAF. 
      • Footer – The KMS/KAF footer.
    3. Choose a background color for the entry page.
    4. Upload a CSS file to alter only this single page.
    5. Upload a new logo that will replace the existing one when viewing this page.
  6. Click Save entry theme.


The following shows a sample configuration where all boxes have been unchecked and the background color was changed.

The resulting media is displayed as follows:

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