Pitch - Custom Message Signature Feature

In Pitch, you can create a personalized custom signature for your video messages. Your custom signature can include stylized text and hyperlinks. When applied, custom signatures will be automatically sent out with every Pitch video message. You have the ability to change your custom signature at any time. Some best practice use cases include adding a message disclaimer or bringing attention to an upcoming event.

How to add a custom signature

  1. Go to Email Settings under My Profile within the Pitch application. https://pitch.kaltura-pitch.com/my-profile/email-settings
  2. Enter your custom signature using the text editor. You will have options to stylize your text as well as add a hyperlink in your signature. There is a 2000-character limit. 
  3. The custom signature is supported for both the Branded Template and Personal Email Appearance
    The custom signature can be applied alongside your digital Contact Me card.

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