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This article describes how to work in My Media in KMS and KAF.

To access My Media

  • For KMS users, select My Media from the User drop down menu. 
  • For KAF users, select My Media on your KAF instance. The My Media menu item is located on the navigation bar within your course.

My Media displays. If you have uploaded media, or if you have been added as a collaborator on media, media is shown on this page. If you have not uploaded any media, see My Media - Upload/Add Media for instructions on doing so.

If you cannot access My Media content/actions, ask your KMS or KAF administrator to give you the required permission.

To set the My Media display

Select an option:

The default view upon opening the page is selected in the My-media module by your Admin. 

  • Collapsed View (shown below)
  • Detailed View (shown below)
  • Table View (shown below)
    The Table View columns are selected in the My-media module by your Admin. The blue boxes to the right of line items indicate the presence of additional content. If desired, click on the blue box and the information is expanded as follows:

My Media lists previously uploaded media. From here, you can:

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