KAF - Create Media Gallery Playlists

This article describes how to create and add media to a playlist in KAF. 

In KAF, you can create Media Gallery playlists and associate media with the playlists. Users can click on a playlist to open the Playlist Media Page with the full list of entries for each playlist.

If you cannot create or add media to a playlist, ask your KAF administrator to give you the required permission.

To create a playlist
  1. In the Media Gallery select Edit from the Hamburger menu.

    The Details tab displays.
  2. Click the Playlists tab.
  3. Click Create New and select Manual Playlist from the drop down menu. The Create a Manual Playlist window displays.
  4. Enter the following Details:
    1. Title - Give the playlist a unique name, indicative of the content and purpose of the playlist.
    2. Description - Describe the Playlist's contents.
    3. Tags - Add descriptive metadata to help categorize the playlist and improve search ability.
      The auto-complete feature suggests existing tags. If the tag you typed does not already exist, click on the suggested option with (new tag) next to it.
  5. Click Add Media.
    All the Media Gallery's content is listed and can be sorted by Attributes (Most Recent, Alphabetical, Likes and Comments), Media Type (Video or Audio), or Free Text by using the search field.

    In the Add Media section you can:
  • Add content by selecting an item from the list on the left and clicking Add. A green check-mark appears next to the Add button of items already in the Playlist. You can add the same entry as many times as you want to the Playlist.
  • Remove content by selecting an item from the Playlist on the right and clicking the "x" Remove button.
  • Rearrange content in the Playlist by dragging and dropping the items on the left according to the order you want them to be played.
  • Repeat adding media until you have completed populating your Playlist and click Save.
  • The "Create Manual Playlist" dialog closes and the new Playlist is added to the Playlists Tab. A message is displayed that “Media added to selected playlist(s):<playlist name>".

See Using the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) Feature for information on embedding Media Gallery Playlists into course content using Browse Search and Embed.

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