Set The Media Thumbnail

This article describes how to set and manage thumbnails for your content.

Access the Edit Media Page and click on the Thumbnails tab.

There are four options for setting and managing a thumbnail:

  1. Upload a thumbnail from your desktop and use it as the default thumbnail.
  2. Use the player to select the frame you want to use as your default thumbnail and then click on the Capture button.
  3. Select one thumbnail from ten automatically generated thumbnails of the selected video and set it as the default thumbnail.
  4. Download a thumbnail to back up your current thumbnail.
To upload a thumbnail from your desktop
  1. Click Upload Thumbnail.
  2. Upload a file from your desktop and click Open.
To grab a frame from the content as a thumbnail
  1. Click Play.
  2. Click Capture at the frame that you want to use as a thumbnail.
    The captured frame is saved automatically and used for the thumbnail.
To select an automatically generated thumbnail 
  • Click Auto Generate and select a thumbnail.

To download and save a thumbnail
  1. Click Download.
  2. Save your image.

To restore the default thumbnail

  • Upload the media thumbnail you downloaded.

Audio entries include a player thumbnail like video entries.

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