About the Kaltura KAF Tools

The tools available may vary and depend on your administrator's setup configuration. In some cases, the tools may have different names or may not be available.

My Media 

My Media is a repository of single user’s media, where each user has a personal searchable repository for viewing and managing private media content. Media items within My Media may be added to courses and inline text items, based on the user’s enrollment. 

User’s My Media content is shared and consistent across all Kaltura applications (for example, Kaltura MediaSpace) in use by the institution and serves as the basis for the cross campus suite. 

Kaltura Media Gallery

The Kaltura Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content of a specific course. The Media Gallery does not necessarily include all media that is used within the course in other contexts. Instead, the Gallery contains the content that was deliberately assigned to it. 

The Kaltura Media Gallery is intended to be used as a media syllabus for a course. The Kaltura Media Gallery may be used simultaneously with media in context, as a standalone, or not at all, depending on how the teacher and school prefer to use it. The Kaltura Media Gallery is also referred to as a Course Gallery.

Kaltura Browse Search & Embed (BSE) 

The Browse Search and Embed feature, also referred to as BSE, allows users to browse and search through their media, Media Gallery, Shared Repository, and Media Gallery Playlists and embed selected media and/or playlists on their page. Users can intuitively use rich media without time-consuming training by simply launching the BSE feature in their supported website. Users can embed media inside rich-text elements such as Announcements, Forums and Assignments. The Kaltura Browse Search and Embed feature gives users the ability to add media anywhere they are allowed to publish text to, add content on the fly, and re-purpose media, for example, in forums, assignments, announcements, and notifications.

The key features include:

  • Uploading and publishing videos from user's personal media repository – easily access My Media from the main toolbar, to upload and publish videos to a course Media Gallery or a specific lesson.  
  • Adding a Media Gallery or a Media Gallery Playlist to user's course.    
  • Embedding a single video to a course/lesson – using the Browse, Search and Embed Tool (Kaltura Embed in Content Market). 
  • Connecting video quiz results directly into user's grade book – create an interactive video quiz that automatically integrates into user's grade book using the Browse, Search and Embed Tool (Kaltura Embed in Content market).
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