Kaltura Video Editing Tools - User Guide

Kaltura Video Editing Tools allow users to edit quizzes, clip or trim media, chop and splice media and add advertisements to media from the Kaltura Management Console. They are a one stop shop for Timeline editing for Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) applications. 

The current release of the Kaltura Video Editing Tools supports the following features:

  • Interactive Video Quiz Creator (KMS/KAF only)
  • Video Editor
    • Clipping a media entry
    • Trimming a media entry
    • Chop and Splice
  • Hotspots
  • Ads (KMC only)
  • Help

Kaltura Video Editing Tools provide a better user experience for all the Timeline features (those previously in the KMS/KAF Timeline Tab), and concentrate the Timeline editing features into a single folder.

Supported Media

The following table lists the Kaltura Video Editing Tools' features applicable for different types of media:

Type of Media

Edit/Create Quiz

Clip & Trim

Chop & Splice







YouTube Entry

















  • The Editor module must be enabled by your KMS/KAF administrator. See the Kaltura Video Editing Tools - Administrator Guide for more information. For KMC, the Editor is accessed seamlessly through the Advertisements tab in the Edit Entries display.
  • You must be the owner or co-editor of the media to use Kaltura Video Editing Tools, or have permissions to create clips of media entries.
  • For Interactive Video Quizzes - Both the Quiz module and the Editor module must be enabled to use Kaltura Video Editing Tools to edit quizzes. See the Kaltura Video Editing Tools - Administrator Guide for more information.
  • For Hotspots - The Hotspots module must be enabled.

Hotspots are available in Kaltura MediaSpace for Kaltura Player version 2.75 and later. Hotspots should be enabled by your administrator. Hotspots are "time-based" labels or comments with/without hyperlinks, displayed on top of the video while playing.

Launching the Kaltura Video Editing Tools (KMS/KAF)

You can launch the Kaltura Video Editing Tools from the Edit Entry window or from the Actions drop down menu in KMS and KAF applications.

To launch the Kaltura Video Editing Tools
  1. Login to your KMS or KAF instance.
  2. Go to My Media. 
    1. Click on the Entry’s Edit icon, then click Launch Editor.

    2. Click on the video thumbnail, then select Launch Editor from the ACTIONS drop down menu.

      The Kaltura Editor window is displayed.

Kaltura Video Editing Tools' Tabs

The Kaltura Video Editing Tools contain the following navigation tabs:

  • Quiz Tab - Use to create and edit Interactive Video Quizzes (KMS/KAF only).
  • Editor Tab  - Use to trim or clip media, and chop and splice media.
  • Ads Tab - Use to set cue points for advertisements (KMC only).
  • Hotspots Tab - Use to create hotspots on your entry.
  • Help Tab - Includes helpful tips and accessibility information.

Depending on the type of application you are using and the type of media you selected, the Kaltura Editing Video Tools display the relevant tabs.

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