Media Entry Page

This article describes how to access the Media Entry page and view media in KMS and KAF.

You must have media uploaded to in order to view media. See My Media - Upload/Add Media for instructions on uploading and adding media. 

  1. Access My Media page
  2. Click on the thumbnail or title of the desired media entry. The Media Entry page displays.

  • The player allows the user to view the media and customize his/her viewing experience.
  • The Related Media in the upper right hand corner of the page displays media related to the one currently displayed in your player.
  • The triangle Play button allows you to play the media.
  • The player also includes: Volume, Closed Caption, Report this video, Playback speed, Expand player screen, Full screen, link to, Search, Download, Print, and Show transcript.
  • To the right of the media title, you may like or unlike the media, see how many times the media has been viewed, and see how many comments have been left by viewers.
  • On an iOS device, a built-in iOS media player plays MediaSpace media.


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