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This article describes how Media Owners may enable the downloading of a media entry, and how Viewers may download a media entry.

This functionality must be enabled by an Admin in the Configuration Management Section of KMS. 

For Media Owners:

To enable the downloading of a media entry

Media owners in KMS and KAF applications may configure downloadable versions of the media for viewers to download from the media page. If you are the media owner, you must set the format in which users can download this media entry. 

You must be the media owner to perform this action.

  1. Access the Edit Media Page.
  2. Click on the Downloads tab.
  3. Check one or more Available Formats. Your administrator configured the flavors from which you may choose. 
  4. Click Save. A notification displays telling the user that the information was saved successfully.

For Viewers:

To download a media entry

If you are not the media owner, but the media owner enabled downloading of this entry, you may download the media to your desktop for future use.

  1. Navigate to the desired media entry.
  2. Click the Download tab.
  3. Under Actions, click Download. The media is downloaded to your desktop.
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