Channel Subscriptions

The Channelsubscription module allows you to configure subscriptions to channels. Users can subscribe to individual channels and get an email notification each time media is published to the subscribed channel.

The KMS Admin must enable this functionality in the Configuration Management section of Kaltura MediaSpace. The channel manager can select this option on the channel itself when creating or editing that channel.

To enable channel subscription functionality
  1. When logged into the Configuration Management Section of MediaSpace as an Admin, navigate to the Channelsubscription module.
  2. Select Yes to enable the Channelsubscription module. 

To enable subscription to a channel from the channel 

  1. When logged into MediaSpace either creating a new channel or editing an existing channel of which you are designated as a channel manager, in the Options section, select Enable subscription to channel.
    When the Enable Subscription to channel option is checked:
    a. Users can subscribe to the channel from the channel page (Be certain that Email notification type 'entry was added to channel event ' is enabled.)
    b. Users can copy the subscription link (as shown in the following image), and send the link to another KMS user, that will automatically be subscribed to the channel after clicking on the link.
    The link is built in the form of:https://{KMS_URL}/channel/{Channel_Name}/{Channel_ID}/subscribe
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