Kaltura MediaSpace GO Essentials and admin training


In this session, we will explore the capabilities of the KMS Go app and the creation /storage/viewership of podcasts. 

Key Takeaways   

  • Understand MediaSpace Go Structure
  • Podcast (Channel) management  
  • Basic workflows (Edit, create, and publish podcast) 




Greeting/ Introduction 

Enable KMS Go  

  • Learn the importance of KMS GO and how to utilize podcast.
  • Learn how to configure the application and set up its preferences.  

Email notifications/ channel subscription

  • Learn how to enable enamel notification and podcast subscriptions.  

My Media / Content creation tools  

  • Media Upload
  • Express Capture
  • YouTube
  • Kaltura Capture
  • Learn how to create and manage content.  

Edit Capabilities

  • Details 
  • Options
  • Collaboration 
  • Thumbnails
  • Downloads 
  • Captions 
  • Attachments 
  • Learn tips and tricks to enrich your content by taking it a step further and conducting additional actions.

Podcast Management  

Learn how to create, restrict and manage podcasts.  

Podcast Playlist  

  • Set the structure and order how your podcast should be viewed  

Getting Help / Questions 

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