Overview of Kaltura's Video Tool for Sakai

Kaltura's Video Tool for Sakai offers and out-of-the-box extension that enables you to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video directly from your Sakai environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, improved student engagement, creativity and learning results, as well as ease of use for students, faculty and teaching assistants. 

Kaltura's Video Tool for Sakai makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source online video platform to any Sakai site. The tool was developed specifically for Sakai and integrates with other features and modules, such as assignments and announcements, so that users can upload and embed media easily. 

Main Features and Tools

Upload and Record

  • Easy Video Uploading - Upload any type of media (video, audio, images) using a simple interface.
  • Capture Personal Recordings - Easily record yourself or capture your screen to create and publish media
  • YouTube - Add YouTube video content and metadata.

Organize and Publish

Publishing is the process of taking private content from My Media and publishing it to a Media Gallery or posting it in an inline text.

  • My Media – Upload, manage, assign, and share content (based on permissions) with a private media library for each Sakai user.
  • Course Media Gallery – Search or view rich media assigned to a course if you are a member. Media can be added by instructors or students, with an option for student contributions moderation by instructors.

View and Interact

  • Join webcasting and live events
  • Edit videos, including trimming, clipping, and customizing thumbnails
  • Enrich videos with calls-to-action, quizzes, advanced metadata, slides, chapters, and interactive content
  • Captions - Upload multi-lingual captions to reach international, multi-lingual, and hearing-impaired audiences while also enabling in-video search within the captions.
  • Comments - Boost online conversations and user engagement by allowing users to comment on videos.
  • Browse, Search, and Embed - Quickly find and embed videos based on metadata (name, description, tags, categories)
  • In-video search – Upload captions and then search for every spoken word. Search results allow skipping directly to the relevant part in the video. In-video search available within an entry or across multiple entries in My Media and the Course Media Gallery.
  • Analytics - Managers can view gallery-level reports for video engagement: 
    • Which videos are users watching the most?
    • Which users contribute the most videos?
    • Which users watch the most videos?
  • Responsive Design: Automatically adjusts site layout to the screen size and device to provide optimal mobile device support.
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