Getting Started

Overview of the Kaltura Video App for Canvas

08/20/2019Jennifer Harris
Kaltura has partnered with Canvas to offer an out-of-the-box extension that enables you to view, record, upload, publish, search, and share video directly from your Canvas environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization...

Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide

04/01/2021Jennifer Harris
This guide is intended for users of the Kaltura Video Application for Canvas. The following documentation is available for information about Kaltura's Video Application for Canvas: Kaltura Video App for Canvas - Setup Guide Kaltura Video ...

Kaltura Video App for Canvas - Common Use Cases of Role Configuration

08/20/2019Jennifer Harris
Canvas Role LIS Role Kaltura Applicative Role (kmsRole) Kaltura contextual Role (kmsContextualRole) Student 'Learner' privateOnlyRole CONTRIBUTOR Teacher 'Instructor' privateOnlyRole MANAGER TA &#...