Manage a Media Gallery

This article describes how to manage a media gallery. 

If you cannot perform the actions herein, ask your KAF administrator to give you the required permission.

Edit a Media Gallery Configuration and Metadata

  1. In the Media Gallery, select Edit from the Actions drop down menu.

    The Edit Media Gallery Page is displayed.
  2. (Optional) Enter a description and tags for the Media Gallery of the course.
  3. Select:
  • Moderate content (media will not appear in Media Gallery until approved by the gallery manager) – Determines whether content should be moderated.
  • Enable comments in Media Gallery – Determines whether comments should be enabled in the gallery.
  • Keep comments private to Media Gallery - If checked, all comments added to media in Media Gallery will be private to the Media Gallery and will not appear elsewhere (except for the My Media page of the user who owns the media).
  • Display embedded media in this Media Gallery

    4. Click Save.

Moderating Channel Content 

To approve and reject content that is pending moderation

  1. In the Media Gallery, click on the Pending tab.

    Note if there are no media items pending moderation, the Pending tab is not displayed. 
  2. The Browse Pending Media window displays.
  3. You may click on a thumbnail to view the media.
  4. Click Approve or Reject for a specific media item. 

You can also check multiple media items and click Approve or Reject on the top for bulk approving or rejecting.

     Approved content is displayed in the Media Gallery for all users enrolled in the course.

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