Replace Media

This article describes how to replace media entries.

You can replace media, and retain the entry’s metadata, URL and analytics. The time-based metadata on the entry is kept in place, however it will likely be out of sync with the new media. The time-based metadata should be manually adjusted. 

If the media is published in a moderated channel/category, media will be unpublished and moved to the pending moderation state. If the media is in an unmoderated channel/category, the media will still be published.

Media will be unpublished from a moderated location (channel/gallery/category) and will remain published otherwise.

To replace a media entry
  1. Access the Edit Media Page.
  2. Click on the Replace Media or Replace Video tab.
    Replace Media screen displays.
  3. Click Choose a file to upload and follow the prompts. Replace Video screen displays.
  4. Type link or Content ID and click Replace.
  5. After the upload is complete, click Approve Replacement to approve, or Cancel Replacement to cancel.
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