Using the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) Feature

This article describes how to use the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) feature. 

This article pertains to the Browse Search and Embed feature v3. 

The Browse Search and Embed feature is set up by your system administrator in the Browseandembed module.  For additional information see the article Best Practices for Upgrading BSE Versions.

Embedding Kaltura Media through the Rich-Text Editor

The KAF rich text editor integration may be used to embed media where the rich-text editor is available, such as in announcements, assignments, forums etc.

To embed Kaltura media through the rich-text editor
  1. Click on a tool available in your page on your supported site, for example, Announcements and click Add. 
  2. In the rich text editor click the Kaltura Media button.
    The Kaltura Media icon display may vary depending on your site.

    The Embed Kaltura Media window opens.
    A user can browse and search media to embed from 'My Media' or from any other source configured (Media Gallery, Shared Repository, Media Gallery Playlists), then embed it into a content type of the hosting application.

    Note: In order to embed Media Gallery Playlists,
    1. Your Administrator must enable the channelplaylists module
    2. Your Administrator can (optionally) set a dedicated playlist player, and
    3. The Course Owner must create a Media Gallery Playlist
  3. Click the Add New button and select the content type from within the Embed Kaltura Media window to add new content.

    (For existing content, select the content and click Embed.)

  4. After the upload is complete, enter the metadata and click Save and Embed (or for existing videos, select Embed).

    The media is displayed in the video player based on the default settings for the type of media you selected to embed.
    You can change the embed settings by clicking on the Settings icon. See Save and Embed Settings Options.

Unified Search 

The Kaltura Media Search is available in the Kaltura Embed Media Window for all KAF applications. For more information see the Kaltura Search Module User Guide.

Upload Media - Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop files to upload media via the BSE screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to upload additional files.

To upload media from your desktop
  1. In the Embed Kaltura Media window, select Media Upload from the Add New drop down menu.
    The Upload Media page is displayed.
  2. Drag and drop your file or select Choose a file to upload and click Open to select a file.
  3. While the file is uploading, on the Upload Media page you can enter metadata information about the media.
    Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.
    Metadata currently includes:
    1. Title - The Title can be presented on the player itself (The Title may be enabled in the KMC Studio - 'Title Label'.) See here
    2. Description, upload time, number of views (These parameters should be enabled through the 'Info Screen' plugin in the KMC Studio.)
  4. Click Cancel to cancel the upload.
  5. Click Save and Embed to embed media. See the section Save and Embed.

Refresh Button

The “Refresh” button is located on the Browse Search and Embed main page. This allows better support for Personal Capture workflows. 

Save and Embed

The Browse Search and Embed feature includes pre-configured players and player sizes for each media type. You can use the default settings or change the settings to the pre-configured values that have been set on your site. You can Save and Embed media after uploading media, or by selecting Embed for existing media. (accessed through the Embed Kaltura Media window). The embedded screen is a video player only.

Save and Embed Settings

You can select different players and player sizes that have been pre-configured by your system administrator for the type of media you choose to embed. Access to change the embed settings depend on your site's configuration. Please contact your system administrator for configuration changes.

To change the embed settings in the Embed Kaltura Media window
  1. Click the Embed Settings icon.

    The Embed Kaltura Media window is displayed for the type of media you selected to embed.

  2. Choose the player from one of the pre-configured players.  
    • For the Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard, Thumbnail Embed and Auto Play are ON by default, and so the buttons are not available. The Max Embed Size feature (sizing) is available for Blackboard beginning KAF version 5.85 and Kaltura Building Block version 5.2.5 or later.
    • For the Kaltura Video Package for Moodle, the Max Embed Size, Thumbnail Embed and Auto Play features are available from KAF version 5.85 and Moodle version 4.2.0 or later.
  3. Choose the player size from one of the pre-configured player sizes for the player selected.
  4. Check Set as my default settings for media type to save the current embed settings as the default settings for this selected type of media.
  5. Click Embed.
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