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Kaltura's Video Quiz (VQ) integrates and works seamlessly with Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and all Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) based applications, such as different Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Social Business Software (SBSs). The VQ feature is based on the Kaltura Player version 2.x.

How Does Video Quiz Work?

Through its easy-to-use interface, the Kaltura Video Editing Tools Quiz Creator can seamlessly embed multiple choice questions at any point in a video. As users watch the video, each question appears at its chosen point; the video continues after the user answers the question. Flexible settings allow quiz creators to choose whether to allow users to repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, receive hints, and discover the correct answers. Practically, VQ increases engagement, tests knowledge and retention, and gathers media effectiveness data.

On the quiz creator’s side, VQ integrates seamlessly as part of Kaltura’s standalone applications like MediaSpace or Kaltura integrated applications on windows and Mac platforms. It can be used with the customer’s LMS or SBS such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, Sakai, SharePoint 2013, Jive, and IBM Connections.

On the playback side, VQ is part of Kaltura player and is supported by the player wherever media quizzes are embedded and presented. Viewing and use is supported on any digital device.

The following list provides a few examples of VQ use cases:

  • VQ enables the quiz creator to add questions or polls to lectures, training videos, marketing materials, and other media. This enables the creator to increase audience engagement with the media content, and reduce user drop-out rates.
  • VQ enables the quiz creator to link learning materials directly to test questions so that users received immediate feedback about whether or not they understood the information presented.
  • The VQ customer can create a lightweight certification system that provides an easy way to present both course material and testing.
  • VQ enables Kaltura customers to conduct market research, and collect feedback or poll results inside the media used to present information or choices.

Adding Interactivity to Media

Adding Video Quiz to media increases the power of educational and training videos by embedding questions directly into the video. Kaltura’s VQ adds an effective way of imparting information by allowing the viewer to engage directly with the video. The quiz creator can also monitor the video’s impact. The VQ feature increases engagement, enables effectivity measurement, and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes.

Kaltura VQ Information Articles

The following articles describe how to use the Kaltura’s Video Quiz (VQ) feature in Kaltura’s systems. 

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