Enable Clipping, Disable Comments, and Close Discussion

This article describes how to enable clipping, disable comments, and close discussion on a media item. 

Access the Edit Media Page and click on the Options tab.

To enable clipping

Check the “Enable everyone to create clips from this video” checkbox.

To disable comments

Check the ”Disable comments for this media” checkbox. The Comments tab is not displayed on the media page.
Comments that were entered before you disabled the comment feature are re-displayed if you re-enable comments.

To close discussion

Check the "Close discussion (do not allow new comments)" checkbox. On the Comments tab of the media page, Comments Closed is displayed and the Add a Comment field is not displayed.


Additional Information on Clipping

You can create clips from existing videos. Each clip becomes its own media entry. The Kaltura Video Editing Tools enable you to edit your videos visually or by setting the start time and end time of your clip.

Clipping creates a new entry from an existing entry and allows you to specify the start and end time for the new entry. For example, you can clip an entry that can be used to create a 2-minute intro video to a long lecture, or clip part of an entry, such as homework assignments. You can also clip a long lecture to several shorter clips divided by subjects.

Entries can be clipped by the media entry owner and co-editors.

To create clips from your media see Editing Media Using the Video Editor.

The clipped content appears in My Media as a new entry. Media Owners can define the videos that other users can generate clips from.

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