Add Media from YouTube


Adding content from YouTube requires the YouTube feature to be enabled on your partner. Please contact your administrator for enabling this capability.

To add media from YouTube

  1. Select YouTube from the Add New dropdown menu.
    The YouTube page is displayed.
  2. Enter the Video Page Link or the Content ID and click Preview.

    NOTE: To obtain the URL, right click on the video in YouTube and copy the URL. Only public YouTube videos are supported.

  3. Click Preview to edit the Youtube entry and enter metadata. Metadata includes the Name, Description and Tags.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click My Media or Go to My Media.

NOTE: You cannot add video presentations or YouTube media to playlists.

The 'Share' option (Email, Media Link, Embeds) is available for YouTube entries (like other entry types).

Replacing a YouTube Link

To replace a YouTube link

  1. In the Edit Media window, click the Replace Video tab. See Editing Entries - Replace Media.
  2. Enter the replacement video page link or Content ID and click Replace.
  3. A Confirmation message is displayed to ensure your choice. 
  4. Go to My Media and click the pencil icon to edit the YouTube entry. 

Analytics for YouTube Entries

Videos that originate in YouTube (presented and linked to Kaltura through the YouTube module) now include the analytics pages, like other entry types. The analytics for these entries include metrics for engagement inside KMS only and are not aggregated with YouTube playback analytics.


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