Kaltura Analytics

KMC Analytics Dashboards

KMC analytics dashboards provide admins with detailed dashboards, showing in-depth, granular data and actionable insights, on their audience engagement and video usage. Admins can use these dashboards to optimize their video content and performance and ensure their KPIs are met.

To access the Kaltura Analytics Dashboards

  1. Login to your Kaltura Management Console Account.
  2. Click Analytics to open the Analytics Dashboards.
    The Analytics tabs for the various dashboards are displayed.
  3. Select the dashboard you want to view.
    You can also access the Analytics Dashboards from the entry, playlist or category pages. 

Analytics Dashboards

The Analytics tab in KMC includes the following dashboards:

Admins can use these dashboards to understand how users are viewing and creating video across their organization. Each dashboard includes tools for filtering and slicing the data, to identify trends and seasonality. 

As a reference for analytics terms and definitions, please see the Advanced Analytics Terminology article.

Analytics for Multi-Account

Analytics are also available for multi-account organizations with a parent partner ID and child partner IDs. To read more about the multi-account management feature see Multi Account Management. When logged in to the parent partner ID KMC, an option to toggle between Parent Only and All Accounts will be available when viewing the analytics dashboards. 

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