Kaltura MediaSpace Analytics Training Agenda


This session is intended for admin and will cover the Kaltura data analytics life cycle of collection, storage, processing, and visualization in the Kaltura Management Console and the Kaltura MediaSpace Portal.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore engagement trends over time across key metrics
  • Drill down by viewing engagement heatmaps
  • View entry highlights, export data, filter, and set time period options to track your entry over time
  • Understand what’s working and who your viewers are 
  • Get actionable insights so you can track and optimize your content over time 




Greeting/ Introduction 

Kaltura MediaSpace Analytics (KMC) 

  • Learn how to utilize the analytics tab for greater analytics accuracies. Such as users’ engagement and player interaction.   
  • Refine data by Kaltura filtering system.  
  • Identify how to spot trends via data highlights, daily insights, and Kaltura scoring. 
  • Utilize the analytics dashboards for a greater analytics accuracy 

Making sense of Your Video Data 

  • Understand your video data to gain more insight and get the full picture.  

Category Analytics  

  • Understand how to gather data in bulk and detect trends.

Playlist Analytics 

  • Learn how to gather analytics information for a manual playlist.  

Real-time Analytics  

  • Distinguish quality metrics for both current and past webcast or live streaming events. 

Webcast Entry Level Analytics  

  • Discover how your users engage with a specific Webcasting entry, where they watched it from, and with what devices, so you can track and optimize your live events. 

Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS)  

  • Learn how to access and understand how video data is being consumed by the viewers. From channel, quiz, and media analytics.  

Getting Help / Questions 

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