Kaltura Management Console Training Agenda


This session is intended for admin users and will provide an introduction of the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) as well as, cover the step by step on how to upload, manage, and edit content. 

Upon completion of this learning session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Kaltura Management Console (KMC). 
  • Understand and manage the three main sections Content, Studio and Analytics
  • How to manage and understand the entries life cycle 
  • Understand roles and user management.  
  • Create and edit a new player.
  • How to view, filter and understand analytics. 




Greeting/ Introduction 

  • Kaltura management Console
  • Introduction to KMC, how to use and what is its purpose. 
  • Logging into KMC
  • Top navigation bar 
  • How to log in to KMC, and an overview of tabs and links 


  • Add users and roles
  • Overview of users, roles and permissions. 

Settings Account 

  • Integration 
  • Access control 
  • Transcoding 
  • Custom data 
  • My user setting 
  • Understand and establish your system preferences.

Content Tab  

  • Search and Filter Bar 

Create button 

  • Upload content

Ellipse Icon ()

  • Share & Embed, view Details and Delete

Entries Table menu (Life cycle)

  • Meta data 
  • Thumbnails 
  • Access control 
  • Scheduling
  • flavors 
  • Distribution 
  • Captions 
  • Related files 
  • Clips 
  • Users 
  • Advertisement 
  • Learn about the Content section and its functions. Learn best practices with filtering, sharing & embedding, metadata, custom data, and tags to help with content management. 

Content Tool Bar

  • Moderation 
  • Playlist
  • Syndication
  • Categories
  • Learn tips and tricks to moderate and manage media. Discuss its role and the importance of creating categories for management.

Studio Page

  • Page layout (column overview)
  • Upgrade, Duplicate, Delete 

Edit/create a player 

  • Search 
  • Basic Display
  • Look and feel 
  • Analytics 
  • Monetization 
  • Plugins        
  • Understand the studio page and create a new player. 


  • Analytics dashboard
  • Analytics action tool bar
  • An overview of how KMC gathers its data, what type of data does it extract, how to view and filter.  

Getting Help / Questions 

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