MediaSpace Essentials Training Agenda


This session is intended for admin & end users and will cover the Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) portal as well as, explore the user capabilities on how to upload, manage, and edit content.  

Upon completion of this learning session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Kaltura MediaSpace portal (KMS).
  • Create Media using the Kaltura Capture Suite.
  • How to use and manage My Media repository.
  • How to upload, delete, edit and publish media.
  • Understand the differences between the Galleries and Channels.
  • How to create an Interactive Video Quiz.
  • Understand roles and user management.  
  • How to view, filter and understand analytics. 
  • Get to know MediaSpace usages, best practice and use cases. 




Greeting/ Introduction 

Kaltura MediaSpace

  • Introduction to KMS, how to use and what is its purpose. 

Logging into KMS

  • Homepage Overview 
  • How to log in to KMS, and an overview of site homepage. 

Media Ingestion 

  • Media upload
  • Express capture
  • YouTube
  • Interactive video 
  • Kaltura capture
  • Video Quiz 
  • Webcast 
  • Learn the workflow process on how to ingest content to your MediaSpace Portal. In addition, we will go in dept on the many different type of media creation and decipher which solution fits your use case the most. 

My Media

  • Captions & Enrich
  • Publish
  • Add to Playlist 
  • Delete 
  • Edit 
  • Learn further actions we can take once our media files is uploaded to our media repository. 

Edit Capabilities

  • Details 
  • Options
  • Collaboration 
  • Thumbnails
  • Downloads 
  • Captions 
  • Attachments 
  • Timeline
  • Replace media 
  • Learn tips and tricks to enrich your content by taking it a step further and conducting additional actions.

Launch Editor 

  • Video editor 
  • Hotspots 
  • Overview on how to edit your media content. 

Publish Media 

  • Private 
  • Unlisted
  • Publish 
  • Overview of the media privacy settings and its capabilities. 

Channel VS. Galleries 

  • Discuss the differences between the two media repositories. 


  • Channel Creation
  • Channel Privacy settings 
  • Channel Members 
  • Channel Moderation 
  • Channel Analytics 
  • Section will go in dept how to create a channel, the privacy settings and members entitlements within a channel. In addition, gain additional trips and tricks to moderate your content within a channel and view its analytics. 


  • Create a playlist 
  • My Playlist Page 
  • Workflow process to creating and managing your playlist. 

Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ)

  • How to create 
  • Set up your IVQ
  • Different question types 
  • IVQ analytics 
  • Learn how to create video quizzes. Understand the different question types and how to view Analytic data. 

Getting Help / Questions 

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