Kaltura Interactive Video Paths Essentials & Admin Training Agenda


This session is intended for admins and will cover the basic workflows in PATH interactive videos . 

Upon completion of this learning session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between RAPT/PATH, KMC and MediaSpace
  • Understand what is an interactive video. 
  • Understand the best practices for using Kaltura RAPT/PATH. 
  • Learn where and how to create and edit interactive content 
  • Work with the node maps
  • Understand how to set up your admin configuration for RAPT/PATH. 




Greeting/ Introduction 

RAPT /PATH Solution 

  • Overview and Architecture 

  • Overview of RAPT/PATH, how to use and what is its purpose? 

Preparing an interactive video 

  • Key elements 

  • Learn key factors to ensure successful interactive video creations. 

Creating a Interactive Video 

  • Name 
  • Description 
  • Tags
  • Start &End Times 
  • Publishing Schedule
  • Collaboration
  • Privacy settings

  • Learn where and how to create a interactive video. 

Adding New Nodes and Hotspots 

  • Properties settings

  • Learn how to create and set up your interactive video paths. 

Composer Selection Tools

  • Pointer 
  • Marquee 
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Node Labels
  • Show Paths
  • Shot List

  •  Overview of the pointer, marquee, and node tools. 

Hotspot Editing Tools 

  • Adding or Changing Text 
  • Size and Positioning 
  • Appearance 
  • Behavior
  • Timing

  • Learn how to create and adjust your hotspot settings. 

Building & Publishing

  • Privacy Setting
  • Channels 
  • Categories 

  •  Overview how to publish content to your desired repository. 

Admin & Configuration 

  • RAPT/PATH Media Module 
  • Set New Composer 
  • Allowed Role 

  • Enable and configure key RAPT/PATH elements. 

Getting Help / Questions 

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