Geo Location Dashboard

Geo Location Dashboard

The Geo Location dashboard presents the ranking of the geographical distribution of your users, whether by plays, views or drop-off rate. You can identify where your most active users come from. The dashboard can be configured to present different time periods. You can also filter based on a variety of parameters including categories and tags. To learn more see Working with the Geo Location Dashboard.

The Geo Location dashboard contains the following sections:

As a reference for analytics terms and definitions, please see the Advanced Analytics Terminology article.

Geo Location Map

The Geo Location dashboard shows a map of the world combined with a heat map. The darker color shade color indicates a higher value for the metric. For example, darker shade of blue indicates more plays occurred in that country.

The following metrics are available for analysis on the map:

  • Plays
  • Unique viewers - number of authenticated viewers, all anonymous viewers will be counted as a single viewer.
  • Average drop-off rate - measured by viewers reaching playback quartiles

Clicking on a country on the map will drill down to region, and clicking on the region will drill down to the vcity level. 

Geo Location Table

The table ranks all geographies by plays in the selected timeframe. The following metrics are available for each geography:

  • Plays
  • Plays distribution - compared to total number of plays
  • Trend -  comparison of change in number of plays with the previos period. On hover you can see additional details.

Selecting a country from the table will drill down to region, and selecting a region will drill down to cities.


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