Content Interactions Dashboard

The Content Interactions dashboard provides you with data on how users are interacting with the player, so you can know metrics for plays, shares, downloads and reported abuse cases. The dashboard can be configured to present different time periods. To learn more see Working with the Content Interactions Dashboard. 

The Content Interactions dashboard contains the following sections:


The top panel of the Content Interactions dashboard provides an overview with highlights and insights on content interactions in your account.

  • Highlights - Displays a snapshot of the important metrics for the selected time frame.
  • Top shared videos - Displays the top 3 shared videos for the selected time frame. 
  • Insights - Displays interesting data points about content interactions in your account.

As a reference for analytics terms and definitions, please see the Advanced Analytics Terminology article.

Content Interactions' Metrics Over Time

To explore content interactions trends over time, use the graph to review key metrics: 

  • Number of shares - Number of times users clicked share to share a video
  • Number of downloads - Number of of times users clicked download to download a video
  • Abuse reports - Number of times users reported abuse because of determined reason.

To change the time period or filter the data, use the date picker and filter panel at the top of the dashboard. You can also compare data from different time periods. For more information, see Working with the Content Interactions Dashboard.

You can click on View Details to see a detailed table of all entries and their interactions in the selected timeframe.

Reason Why Viewers Report Abuse

Users may report content that they find inappropriate. The Abuse Report shows the content that was reported as offensive and the reason why it is offensive. When something is reported, it is not automatically taken down. Reported content is reviewed and moderated.


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