Kaltura Video Extension for Microsoft Teams - KAF Admin Guide

This guide describes the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) settings for Kaltura Video Extension for Microsoft Teams and is intended for Kaltura system administrators.

The Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) Admin Console

The Kaltura Video Extension for Microsoft Teams is implemented on top of the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF), a feature rich framework that allows flexible and streamlined integration of Kaltura’s video solution and products into 3rdparty applications such as Microsoft Teams. KAF is hosted and served directly from the Kaltura cloud servers and once integrated into your Microsoft Teams environment, presents different video components and workflows to users.

At the backend, the Kaltura Application Framework provides a flexible and extensible administration panel, called “KAF Admin Console”. The KAF Admin Console offers full control over the user experience and when interacting with videos inside Microsoft Teams. Nearly all configuration aspects of the Kaltura Video Extension for Microsoft Teams are configured through the KAF Admin Console.

KAF Modules

Your KAF instance is composed of multipleKAF modules. Each module controls a different aspect of your Kaltura Video Extension for Teams instance. A KAF module is composed of a set ofconfiguration fields. All KAF modules are listed on the left menu in your KAF Admin Console instance.

Your KAF Admin Console may display modules and configuration fields that are not listed in this guide, some of which may be disabled. It is important that you do not modify the configuration of the disabled modules (and not to enable them) without consulting with your Kaltura representative.

The following KAF modules are required for configuring the Kaltura Video Extension for Microsoft Teams:



Channel Modules

Entry Type Modules



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