Kaltura Application Framework instances are automatically created using the Kaltura v2 Player.






What is the player ID (uiConf ID) of the player that plays the embedded video?


The height (in pixels) of the player ui which is not part of the actual video (for example - the bottom bar)


The ratio (in percent) of the video inside the player. Standard values: 16:9 = 56.25 , 4:3 = 75 , 16:10 = 62.5


What is the player ID (uiConf ID) of the player that edits entries?


When KAF loads, should the video that is loaded in the player begin playing automatically? Notes: (1) Autoplay is triggered when KAF starts and each time a new page loads, such as when switching from My Playlists to a gallery page. (2) The player always begins playing automatically when a user clicks a video in a gallery, regardless of whether autoPlayOnLoad is enabled.



Which Playback method should KAF use? Kaltura Auto' is the default playback option for a new KAF instance.

KAF administrators can select additional playback options. From Player > playback, select any of the following options:

  • Auto - Kaltura server chooses between HTTP Progressive Download and HTTP Adaptive Streaming, based on entry duration and available flavors. Auto gives you the best video delivery and playback quality for your entry.
  • HTTP Progressive Download – Allows you to pause the video playback and wait for the content to download. Typically used where viewers have very limited bandwidth and might experience more buffering than adaptive bitrate.
  • HTTP Streaming (HDS) - HTTP streaming based on Adobe technology. Allows adaptive bitrate so the player can adjust the video quality on the fly based on network and CPU conditions.



What is the player ID (uiConf ID) of the player shown in moderation pages?

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