Enable the Embed module.

When enabled, the Share & Embed tab is displayed on the Media Page.

secureEmbedUse secure embed. MediaSpace entitlements are enforced on media that is embedded in external sites. When embedding restricted or private media to your sites and blogs, you will be prompted to authenticate (if not already authenticated). If a user is authorized to watch the media according to the entitlements defined in MediaSpace, the media will play. Otherwise, a message will be displayed that they are not authorized to watch the media.
For additional information about this feature, see the article: Enhanced Settings for Secure Embed in KMS/KAF.


Select True to automatically-redirect the user to the SSO login page in case the user is not authenticated with MediaSpace (If the user is globally authenticated, they will be auto-authenticated by MediaSpace then redirected back to the page with the video). Select False to display a message to the user so that the user can manually select when/whether to re-authenticate.


When autoRedirectIframe is disabled (default), the redirect for authentication will use the top browser window. When autoRedirectIframe is enabled, the redirect will occur in the iframe


HTML text to display while the user is auto-redirected to the login page.


HTML text (may include links) to display inside the iFrame if autoRedirect is set to False


HTML text (may include links) to display inside the iFrame in case Kaltura Entitlement authorization fails


HTML text (may include links) to display inside the Embed tab of an entry page accessed not via a category/channel/gallery, when requireCategoryContext=Yes


HTML text (may include links) to display inside the iFrame, in case category-level embed grab and play are disabled for the category/gallery from where embed was originally grabbed, and/or when requireCategoryContext=Yes and a (legacy) secured embed is missing a category context.


URL to an alternate CSS, to allow a customer to customize the iFrame design to fit corporate style guide


Allow KMS category/channel (or KAF course gallery) managers to prevent grabbing and playing embed content from a specific category. Depends on CategoryEmbed/ChannelEmbed modules. For more information see here.


Set to Yes, in conjunction with categoryLevelEmbed=Yes, to make sure embeds are only grabbed from category/gallery contexts. Grabbing an embed from a regular (context-less) entry page will not be allowed. NOTE: Setting this to Yes will cause secured embeds that lack a category context to stop authorizing playback


Allow/Restrict sharing using 'iframe'. This configuration is only supported for non v2 supported players


Enable/Disable 'Responsive Sizing' option in the embed view. 

When enabled, the Responsive Sizing toggle button is displayed on the Share & Embed tab.



Define skins that can be used for embedded players.

When enabled, the Player Skin options are displayed on the Share & Embed tab.


What is the name of the skin? The skin name is displayed when the user selects an embedded skin.


What is the relative path to the image file on the server? The image file represents how the skin looks.


What is the numerical value of the player ID to use in the embed code?


Define sizes that can be used for embedded players. Define the player size in the following format: {width}x{height}

  • large 608x402
  • medium 400x285
  • small 304x231

For additional information, please see Share & Embed Media Via Media Page.

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