Download a Zip file with all texts for all languages for this instance. These resources can be used to create or update custom languages.


Upload new custom language


Insert the name of the language to be presented in the language drop-down list for the admin, in the Application section, languageSelection, and language fields.


Insert the name of the language to be presented in the language drop-down list for the users.


For KAF use - formal language code to be used to sync the instance language to the hosting application (LMS, CMS, SBS) chosen language.


Upload your customize .MO file. in order to convert your customize .PO file to .MO file you can use some available tools in the web


Upload custom language flag icon. In order to be presented to KMS end-users in the drop-down list, in case this language will be selected for presentation. Icon should be in "*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.png;*.gif;*.tif;*.tiff;*.ico" format and dimensions should be 30px X 26px (the application will resize any given image, however for best visual result use these dimensions). You can also choose from this library of icons:


Unique language id for application usage.

LanguageException Add a language exception, to change any string in the app. It is recommended to download the English PO to retrieve all the relevant text in the form of 'msgid'.
LanguageChoose the language you would like to apply this change to.
msgidIndicate what is the text you would like to change. You should copy the exact msgid from the PO file.
ExceptionEnter the new text to replace the existing one. 
importAndExportExceptions Import and export language exceptions for this site. The file format is CSV, with no header line, with 3 columns, for the selected language (short name, e.g.: “en”), the msgid and the Exception.
ExportDownload the list of all language exceptions.
ImportUpload a list of all language exceptions.
This action will override all the existing exceptions!!

For additional information see  Localization for KMS/KAF Administrators - How to Change Your Kaltura Application Language?

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