Important Note:
Twitter requires that every domain is approved by them.
The Twitter approval process includes testing the experience across various platforms, as well as re-validating it periodically.
More information and how this can be done can be found here.
The Twitter module enables metadata tags such that the thumbnail, entry name, and other metadata tags can be posted in the Tweet.  Without this module enabled, only the KMS link will be posted because Twitter can’t pick-up the metadata. 

The player id (tPlayerId) set in the module is for the player used in th Tweet. Using this player, the video can be embedded in the Tweet and played from there.

For information on how to setup the player for viewing Twitter media in MediaSpace, please see  Setting up Twitter share for MediaSpace for Admins.

enabledEnable the Twitter module.
tPlayerIdWhat is the player ID (uiConf ID) of the player that plays videos on Twitter? This should be a V2 play.
siteUserName@username of website, to be used as value for twitter:site meta tag
useHighestQualityUse the best quality flavor that can be played in Facebook.
Enter the text to send on the ‘twitter:description’ property for the shared link for non-player pages.
Enter a link to an image you would like to use when users share content for non media pages (such as home page). Leave empty to use the site logo.
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