This module allows you to set a dedicated player (different than the default KMS player) for audio entries.




The player ID (uiConf ID) of the player that plays audios. Leave blank to use the KMS default player.


The height (in pixels) of the custom player UI which is not part of the actual video (for example - the bottom bar). Leave blank to use the default player value.


The ratio (in percent) of the player (video asset area). Standard values: 16:9 = 56.25 , 4:3 = 75 , 16:10 = 62.5. Leave blank to use the default player value.


Set the sizes that can be used for embedded players.

set the player size in the following format: {width}x{height}. This setting requires a custom player.

If a custom player is not specified, the audio entry uses the default video player.


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