The oEmbed Endpoint in KMS is able to accept the entry page URL as input and not only the copied link from the 'share / oEmbed' tab.

In addition to this type of URL:

https://[MediaSpace URL]/id/[entry ID]?width=400&height=285&playerId=12345678

this type of URL may be used:

https://[MediaSpace URL]/media/[Entry Name]/[Entry ID].

This improves the flexibility with oEmbed-supported destinations.




Enable the Oembed Module.


Which type of oEmbed code should be displayed?  'Short' is the common type. For example: http://url.for.mediaspace/id/xyz, where xyz is the media asset ID (entry ID). 'Short' links are valid URLs. A 'Short' link entered in a browser loads MediaSpace with the video loaded in the player. 'Full' is much longer than 'Short.' Use 'Full' when your oEmbed 'consumer' cannot convert a link embed code to a full oEmbed request.


When a user selects 'oEmbed' for the 'Select Embed Type' option, should the options for selecting a player skin and player size be displayed? Note: If you enable customization, your oEmbed must be able to accept the oEmbed link format that is created.


What player ID (uiConf ID) should be used to display the embedded video? Note: If you are not sure, enter 'default' (without quotes) or leave the playerId field empty. MediaSpace will use the value of the first embedSkin config.


What is the height (in pixels) of the oEmbed player? Enter only the number.


What is the width (in pixels) of the oEmbed player? Enter only the number.

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