Share & Embed Option in KAF Based Applications

For the End-User

The ability to grab embed codes is available on the View Media page in all KAF based applications. The Embed option is available under the 'Share' tab. When enabled, those that have access to view the media are also able to grab the embed code.

The Link to Media Page and oEmbed options are not available in KAF based applications as they are in MediaSpace.

 For the Administrator

  • KMC Admin can enable the grab embed functionality in the KAF Admin Console > Embed module.
  • It is possible to configure secure embed and limit the grab embed to a specific user or to specific application roles.

In the past, the Embed configuration page was used to control the behavior of the Browse, Search and Embed module (used for embedding Kaltura Media entries in rich text editors in KAF applications). Also, a bug in KAF caused the Embed configuration page to always appear as disabled. This has now changed:

  • All Browse, Search and Embed configuration options are now available under the Browseandembed configuration page in the Hosted section in KAF. The Browseandembed module can be enabled or disabled, but the recommendation is to always keep it enabled.
  • The Embed configuration page now only controls the grab embed functionality as described and can be enabled or disabled per the administrator's discretion.
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