Media Collaboration

Media Collaboration

Media owners can change the media ownership and are able to add co-editors, co-publishers, co-viewers and Webcasting moderators to their media.

The types of collaborators and their permissions are:

  1. Co-Editors -  can edit the entry's details and metadata, trim media, replace media, edit captions, edit chapters and edit slides. Co-editors cannot delete media or add new co-editors and co-publishers. Co-editors can see the analytics page for the media they co-edit.
  2. Co-Publishers  - can publish media to their entitled Categories or Channels. This option must be enabled by your KMS administrator for this tab to display. Group support may be enabled for the Media Collaboration features. When enabled, you can select groups that may be assigned as co-editors/publishers for an entry.
  3. Co-Viewers - are only able to view media and do not have editing permissions nor allowed to view unlisted entries, unless they are also co-publishers or co-editors of that entry.
  4. Kaltura Webcasting Moderators -  are also added through the Media Collaboration Tab. Only Media Owners can assign Webcasting Moderators.for a Kaltura Webcasting event. Only after a Webcasting Moderator is assigned as a collaborator, the Moderator View may be launched through the Actions menu in the Webcast Event URL.   

Webcast Moderators may:

  • Send announcements
  • Respond to questions
  • Mark questions in queues. 
  • Answer on air. 

Change Media Owner

Use the Change Media Owner screen to change the owner of the media (for example in case the owner is leaving the organization and someone needs to take ownership of the media). Only Media Owners may assign Kaltura Webcasting Moderators.

To change an entry’s media owner

  1. Go to the entry Edit Page in My Media.
  2. Select the Collaboration tab.
  3. Click Change media owner.
    The Change media owner window is displayed.

  4. Enter the user/group name for the new owner. You can add users/groups that are available on the site and you can use the auto-complete function (from 3rd letter and on).

  5. Click Save.

Add Collaborators

To add Co-Editors, Co-Publishers Co-Viewers or Webcasting Moderators

  1. Go to the entry Edit Page in My Media.
  2. Select the Collaboration tab.
  3. Click Add Collaborator.
    The Add Collaborator window is displayed.

  4. Enter the collaborator’s user name or ID or the group's name or ID. You can add users/groups that are available on the site and you can use the auto-complete function (from 3rd letter and on).
  5. Check the type(s) of permissions for the collaborator you are adding to the media entry.
  6. Click Add.
  7. To view the collaborators’ permissions click View all Permissions and select the type of collaborator.
  8. Use the editing options /icons in the Actions column to edit/delete the collaboration options.

Your KMS administrator may also configure the option of adding co-editors, co-publishers, co-viewers or Webcast Moderators during upload of an entry in KMS or KAF. 

Filtering Media

In My Media, there is a filter to “View Ownership". The options are:

Selecting one of these filters in the Media Collaboration tab displays the entries where you have that collaborative privilege.

For the Admin

The KMS admin can enable this feature in the MediaCollaboration module.

If the Mediacollaboration Module is disabled after it was enabled, and in the meantime, entries were added with modified Co-editors and Co-publishers or Webcasting Moderators, all Co-editors, Co-publishers and Webcast Moderators will lose their ability to view, edit, moderate or publish these entries.

The allowedGroupsCollaboration field must be set to Yes to display the Kaltura Webcasting Calendar. 

The changeOwnerEnabled field is used to display the Co-editor, Co-publisher, CoViewer and Webcasting Moderator modification options on your KMS/KAF site. The Change Owner feature is not dependent on modification of the Co-editor/Co-publisher/Webcasting Moderator.


The allowGroupsCollaboration field allows groups support for Media Collaboration features. See Group Support in Kaltura Applications and Kaltura Groups FAQ for additional information about groups.

When a Webcasting Event is created, and Q&A is enabled, Webcasting Moderators should be able to receive a link to the View Event Page that opens the Moderator View.

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