Instructions for Adding the Kaltura REACH v2 Transcript Widget

To add the REACH v2 Plugin

  • Select the player in the Universal Studio.
  • Go to the uivars section in the Plugins section.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Click on “Create new plugin”.
    • Name the plugin “transcript” without the quotes.
      Add the next 3 parameters:
    • Name “transcriptTargetId” value “transcript-player-plugin”.
    • Name “onPage” type “Boolean”. After adding this attribute make sure you check it.
    • (Optional) Name "collapsed" type Boolean value  True or False. True - transcript is hidden False - transcript is shown.
  • Click Save.


  • Click “Import Plugin” and paste the next line without the quotes.“transcript.plugin=true&transcript.onPage=true&transcript.transcriptTargetId=transcript-player-plugin”
  • If you want to set the default to Transcript mode, add the text "&transcript.collapsed=value" (value=true or false according to your selection)
  • Click Import and Save..

In case you have the transcript widget set and you want to add a configuration for the Transcript Mode (expand/collapse) do the following"

  1. Go to the uivars section in the Plugin section.
  2. Add the following:

Key = transcript.collapsed
Value - true/false

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