Instructions for Adding the Kaltura REACH v2 Transcript Widget

To add the REACH v2 transcript widget 

  1. In KMC, select the desired player in the Universal Studio.
  2. Go to the UI Variables section in the Plugins tab. Add the followings:
    1. Key = transcript.plugin , Value = true
    2. Key = transcript.onPage , Value = true
    3. Key = transcript.transcriptTargetId , Value = transcript-player-plugin
  3. Save Player Settings


  1. Click Import Plugin and paste the following string without the quotes:  "transcript.plugin=true&transcript.onPage=true&transcript.transcriptTargetId=transcript-player-plugin"
  2. CIick Import
  3. Save Player Settings

More options:

  • To change the transcript mode (expand/collapse) add the following uivar:
    Key = transcript.collapsed
    Value = true/false    (True - transcript is hidden, False - transcript is shown)

  • To change the transcript default language to English add the following uivar:
    Key = transcript.defaultLanguageKey
    Value = en

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