Kaltura Webcasting Producer's Guide

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The Kaltura Webcasting producer is responsible for the overall live event from the planning stages to the final recording and event transcript. Webcast producers plan and oversee the production of the webcast, from pre-production to the final product, which means that they are involved in each stage of the webcasting event:

  • Ensure all aspects of video and slide broadcast are running smoothly during the live event
  • Monitor real-time analytics during the event
  • Monitor real-time system health
  • Ensure secure access to events, based on company policy and user permissions
  • Publish the VOD so viewers that missed the live event can watch the recording

Kaltura Webcasting Workflow for Producers

Prepare for Upcoming Webcast

  1. Create the Webcast Event
  2. Set up the Presenter’s Information
  3. Optional – Set the Comments Configuration
  4. Optional – Set the Thumbnails Configuration
  5. Set up the Live Encoder
  6. Install/Launch the Webcasting Application

Before the Live Event

  1. Prepare the Kaltura Webcasting presenters
  2. Perform a dry run of the event to ensure all equipment and related personnel are prepared
  3. Set up the System Health Monitoring and Preview Live Feature.

During the Live Event

After the Live Event


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