Kaltura Self-Serve Webcasting

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Kaltura Webcasting

The Kaltura Webcasting Self-serve feature simplifies the work required to setup a Kaltura Webcasting event. Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting removes the needs for expensive equipment (cameras, encoders, switchers, etc) and production teams, making Webcasting available and simple for every employee. The Kaltura Self-serve infra (WebRTC stack) paves the way to support multiple presenters, and multiple locations, leveraging webcasting to many additional use cases.

Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting Capabilities

  • Allows broadcasting video directly from the Kaltura Webcasting application, using integrated/USB PC/Mac webcams/cameras and microphones (without the need to use an external HW/SW encoder).
  • Allows broadcasting audio-only directly from the Kaltura Webcasting application, using integrated/USB PC/Mac microphones (without the need to use an external HW/SW encoder).
  • Allows screencasting (instead of webcam), allowing sharing of desktop/application screen to support more use-cases and create even more engaging live experiences.
  • Provides the ability for the producer/presenter that is not broadcasting to have a real time preview of the event that is currently broadcasting. For more information, see the article Presenter Real Time Preview.
  • Provides the ability for Multiple Presenter Takeover - Co-editors can takeover when broadcasting a self-serve from the Webcasting entry owner. For more information, see Kaltura Webcasting Multiple Presenter Takeover.

Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting Global Settings

Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting must be enabled by your administrator. See the Kaltura Webcasting Administrator's Guide for configuration information.
Analytics for Kaltura Self-served Webcasting (the number of self-served events, peak concurrency and number of minutes used) are available.

The following capabilities are available:

  • Configuration tab -a user may select the video source (list of local webcams and screens) and audio source (with Volume Unit meter indication).

    Screen Selection

    Camera Selection

    Audio Selection (microphone)
  • Real-time preview of the video/audio - Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting typically uses a webcam, with a display of what is being broadcasted, The preview window may be minimized and expanded using the Self-Serve icon.

    There are two types of previews:

    • Local Preview – allows you to see the output from the camera locally on your computer
    • Kaltura Broadcasting Preview – shows you the preview after it’s been tunneled through the Kaltura platform giving you the real out put.
  • Allows screencast (sharing your screen) - when enabling this option, a user may choose what they want to share - you can share your entire desktop or a specific application (e.g. browser/powerpoint/etc)
  • When the screencast is on, the webcam is automatically off (both cannot be streamed simultaneously) and the layout is automatically changed to focus on the screen only.








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