Editing a Webcasting Event

Editing a Webcasting Event

Use the Edit Webcasting Event page to:

  • Update information about the event
  • Select or upload a thumbnail for the event
  • Add presenter information
  • Get the live stream details to input into your encoder. (not applicable for Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting)

Additional tabs may be available depending on the MediaSpace configuration.

The Edit Event screen includes the following tabs:

[collapsed title="Details"]

The Details tab is used for updating the following information: 

  • Event name
  • Event description
  • Event tags
  • Event start date and time
  • Event end time
  • Event time zone

After you have made all the necessary changes click, Save.


[collapsed title="Options"]

Here you can select whether to enable or disable comments for the event. During the live event you would likely use the Webcasting Q&A module to engage with your audience and respond to questions. We recommend to disable comments on the event during the event itself and enable comments again once VOD is available. 

To read more about disabling and enabling comments see Kaltura Webcasting - Optional – Set the Comments Configuration


[collapsed title="Presenters"]

You can add Presenter information that will appear in the Webcast Event page. Presenter information can include the name, title, short bio, link or a photograph of the presenter. To add a presenter and presenter information to your event see Kaltura Webcasting - Presenters Tab - Add/Edit Presenter Information

Viewers joining the event will be able to read the presenter info. For example:



[collapsed title="Thumbnails"]

Use the Thumbnail tab to determine the thumbnail in the Webcast Event page. The Event page displays a thumbnail for the event. The first slide of the presentation you uploaded for the event is used as the default thumbnail. You can also upload a thumbnail from your computer.

To upload a thumbnail

  1. Select My Media and then click Edit next to the entry you want to add a thumbnail to.
  2. In the Edit Event window select the Thumbnails tab.
  3. Click Upload Thumbnail.
    The supported file formats are image files such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc.
  4. Upload a file from your desktop and click Open.

To download/save a thumbnail

  1. Select My Media and then click Edit next to the entry that you want to download the thumbnail from.
  2. In the Edit Event window select the Thumbnails tab.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Save your image.


[collapsed title="Live Stream Details - not applicable for Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting"]

Use the Live Stream Details tab to view the live stream encoding origin and information.  You need to use an external encoder to create the video stream. In the encoder output settings, configure the following information:

  • Primary URL - the system automatically generates this URL
  • Backup URL - the system automatically generates this URL
  • Stream Name - the stream name is the stream ID and is generated automatically. 

For an example on how to set up OBS Studio for broadcast, see Setting Up OBS Studio and Kaltura Live Streaming.

Copy to Clipboard

The Primary and Backup details may be copied to clipboard. Click the copy icon next to the info you want to copy.



After you have made all the necessary changes click Save.

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