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Overview of the Kaltura Webcasting Calendar

The Kaltura Webcasting Calendar enables leveraging Kaltura's media management capabilities to view and schedule Kaltura Webcasting Events using capture devices at various locations. The Webcasting events are displayed in the calendar through Kaltura MediaSpace.  Administrative staff who manage Webcasts for organizations can now view and schedule time for Webcasting Events. Each organization has developed its own system and process to schedule recordings, given the current deployed solutions and company culture. The Kaltura Webcasting Calendar offers a flexible configuration that can be customized per the organization's current and future needs.  

Contact Kaltura a representative to learn more about Kaltura's open platform approach and partners collaborating with Kaltura on Kaltura Webcasting Calendar and other features.

Accessing the Webcasting Calendar

After the Kwebcast module has been enabled and configured with the relevant resources, and roles and admin permissions have been set, see the Kaltura Webcasting Administrator's Guide, administrative staff may access the Webcasting Calendar and begin to create and modify Webcasting events.

To access the Calendar View

  • In MediaSpace, select My Calendar from the user drop down.

    The Webcasting Calendar Page is displayed and all of the scheduled Webcasting events are displayed on your the calendar. Use the Webcasting Calendar Page to create, or modify a scheduled Webcasting event.
The Webcasting Calendar Weekly View and Agenda View display information in tabular format for each day detailing the event time, title, creator and resource. The agenda is sorted by date/time always for days that have scheduled events.

Calendar Views

Each date has aggregated information for day and week views.

The following information is displayed in the Webcasting Calendar:

  • The number of events for the day
  • The number of events during the Peak - the number refers to the maximum number of events that are occurring at the same time (highest amount of concurrency).
  • The maximum number of anticipated viewers, This number is a forecast of the anticipated viewers for the peak time. An admin may enter the value when creating an event. The number is mainly used for bandwidth consideration since allocation of additional bandwidth may be needed.
There are three calendar views:
  1. Day View

    The table displays the aggregated views for the day selected.
  2. Week View

    The table displays the aggregated data for the weeks events.
  3. Agenda - displays all scheduled Webcasting events in a list view.

To scroll to a different day

  • Click on the Previous and Next arrows to scroll to the Previous or Next day.
  • Click on Today to return to the current day.
  • Click on Jump To to open a monthly calendar.
    • Click on the Previous or Next buttons to scroll to the month you are looking for.
    • Click on the day in the monthly calendar to view the specific events for that day.

Adding and Editing Webcasting Events

After admin permissions are in place and all the setup for Webcasting is complete, admins can schedule and edit Webcast events through the Webcasting Calendar. 

Create a Webcast Event

To Create an Event

Edit a Webcast Event

To Edit an Event

  1. Click on an event in the Calendar View.
  2. Click Edit Event.
    The Edit Event Page is displayed. Continue to edit the event as described in Editing a Webcasting Event.


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