Kaltura Webcasting - Managing a Live Broadcast

When managing an event, there are two key roles that perform all the actions and need to use the Webcasting Tools.

  • Moderator
  • Producer

The moderator runs the Q&A sessions and the Producer takes care of all the technical aspects such as monitoring the video stream, running the event, switching slides, etc.

Both roles muse the Webcast application to support event management activities.

Tips and Recommendations for Live Broadcasting

Before you start a live broadcast, read the Webcasting Tips and Recommendations.

Navigating Slides

At any point during the event, the producer, moderator and presenter can advance or backtrack to a specific slide in the presentation.

To navigate between slides

  • At any time during the live event, you may navigate between slides using one of the following methods:
    • Using the arrows that appear on the sides of the slide presentation to advance or backtrack to a previous slide
    • Entering a slide number in the box on the current slide
    • Double clicking a slide in the timeline

Browsing Slides in the Presentation Timeline

You can browse through the slide deck on the timeline area during a live broadcast, preview other slides, and skip directly to present a designated slide. See Managing Slide Broadcast for more information.

Accessing Notes on the Presentation

Speaker notes are taken from the uploaded presentation and are shown for the currently presented slide.

To access notes on the presentation
  • Click the Notes icon to display or hide the presentation notes, or use the [Alt + N] keyboard shortcut.

Adding and Broadcasting Polls

Use the Timeline tab at the bottom of the application to add polls and engage your audience. See Kaltura Webcasting Polls for more information.


In the Live Analytics tab, you can see near real-time analytics of the event.

Accessing Live Analytics

The Analytics window is displayed on the right side of Kaltura Webcasting Application. To access the live analytics section click the Analytics icon or use [Alt + A] keyboard shortcut.

For more information about live analytics, see Kaltura Webcasting - Live Analytics.

Managing Q&A

The moderator is responsible to managing the Q&A dduring the event. See Kaltura Webcasting Q&A for more information. 

Starting an Event

To start streaming video to the webcast event

  1. Paste the parameters to your encoder of choice from the Click the Live Stream Details tab.
    If your Encoder supports an FMLE format, export the XML by clicking Export XML for FMLE and upload the XML to the relevant area in your encoder to define the output settings.
  2. Start streaming.
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