Webcasting Tips and Recommendations

Before you start your live broadcast, make sure you take the following into consideration:

  • Start the broadcast earlier 
  • Check that everything is working as expected: sound, equipment etc...
  • Make sure you have the correct and final presentation - last minute changes are common.
  • Pro tip: Recommend presenters to wear plain clothing - patterned clothes such as plaid or stripes often don't appear well in video.

During the broadcast:

  • Moderate the Q&A activity by routing questions to the appropriate people and delivering the responses quickly.
    Note: the Q&A can be saved and viewed after the broadcast.
  • Remember to post polls during the presentation to engage your audience.
  • Monitor the Live Analytics:
    • A drop in users can indicate that there are technical issues or that viewers are losing interest.
    • Monitoring the average bitrate activity lets you understand the quality received on the viewers' side.

After the broadcast has ended:

  • Download the Live Analytics from the KMC.
  • Export the Q&A session. The Q&A is exported as a CSV file that can be opened in MS Excel and its equivalents. 
  • Use the clipping and trimming tools to edit out unnecessary parts. 
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