Creating a Webcasting Event

When you create a webcasting event, you will need to schedule the date and time for the event and design an entry page dedicated to the event.

The Webcast Event page serves as an initial information repository for the event and when the time comes, a landing page for streaming the event and archiving it. The Webcast Event page may be edited several times and be assigned different levels of privacy so that you can work on it in privacy and choose when to share or make the event public.  

To create a Kaltura Webcasting Event
  1. Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace or follow the instructions for login provided by your system administrators.
  2. Click Add New and select Webcast Event.
    The Schedule a Webcast Event screen is displayed: 
  3. Enter values for the following fields to describe the event.
    1. Name - used and displayed in the event page Webcasting created for each event
    2. Description - used and displayed in the event page Webcasting created for each event.
      You can use the editing tools in the description area to apply basic formatting to the text and include hyperlinks and images.
    3. Tags - use to apply metadata to the event to make it easier to catalog and search.
    4. Select the Time Zone from the drop down menu.
    5. Select the Start Time and End Time - make sure to include enough buffer in case the event continues beyond the allotted time. 
    6. Select an Event Recording option from two options:
      1. Append recorded content to a single entry 
      2. Export VOD from each broadcast (Archive)
        Event Recording option cannot be updated once the webcast has been created
    7. If the Registration Module has been enabled in the KMS Admin, then you can configure in the Add Registration dropdown which registration form will be used for the webcast
  4. Click Create Event.
    You will be prompted to define the event's privacy level. You can change the privacy level of the event at a later time.  
  5. Select the publishing option for the Webcasting event.
    It is recommended that you first create a private event and only publish the event after you're done editing it.
    • Private - Media page will be visible to the content owner only.
    • Unlisted - Media page will be visible to anyone with a link to the page.
    • Published - Media page will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations; it will also appear in the MediaSpace Events page. Selecting this option adds the Categories and Channels selection tabs.
  6. If you are not sure about the categories and channels you want to publish to, you can save the event as Private or Unlisted and return to these options at a later time using the Publish button.
  7. Click Save to save changes or click Edit Webcast to complete the webcast event definition and functionality.
  8. Click Go to Media to view the Event page.
  9. To continue editing the event, see Editing a Webcasting Event.
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