Kaltura Webcasting - Presenters Tab - Add/Edit Presenter Information

Use the Presenters tab to upload information about the people presenting at the event.

To add a presenter

  1. In the Edit Event page, go to the Presenters tab and select Add a presenter.

    The Presenters tab information is displayed.

  2. Add the following information:
    1. Name of the presenter.
    2. (Optional) Link - A link to an external page showcasing the presenter's information (for example, a LinkedIn profile)
    3. Title of the presenter.
    4. (Optional) A paragraph summarizing biography of the presenter.
    5. (Optional) Choose Upload Image to upload the presenter’s image.   
  3. Click Save Presenter.

The presenter's information is added to the Webcasting Event page and displayed to attendees and viewers of this webcast event on their event page.

Additional Actions in the Presenters Tab

  • Edit the presenter's information by clicking the pencil next to the presenter’s information.
  • Click on the upload icon to replace the current image.
  • Delete a presenter's information by clicking the X next to the presenter’s information.
  • Click Add a presenter to add additional presenters.
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