Kaltura Webcasting Moderator's Guide

Moderators represent the group organizing the live event by greeting the participants on behalf of the organizer, and are tasked with the following activities:

  • Moderating and organizing the discussion in the Q&A area and assigning the relevant ideas/questions/feedback to the presenters.
  • Providing technical support by introducing the participants to the applications and helping them to use the applications effectively as well as solving any technical problems encountered.
  • Engage the live audience in what's happening in the event, if if they are watching it from around the world and not present in person to see it. 

Moderated Q&A

Moderated Q&A is peformed live and provides attendees with the opportunity to ask questions during the live broadcast. The moderator’s responsibility is to view the questions and provide answers using one of the reply options provided by the moderated Q&A module. See Kaltura Webcasting Moderated Q&A - Managing Messages for details.

There are two ways to moderate Webcasting events. You can moderate events through the Producer's view or through a Moderator view interface.

Attendee Q&A View

Enabling Q&A During a Webcast

NOTE: By default, the Q&A module will be enabled for webcast viewers. You can decide to turn the Q&A module on or off at any point during the broadcast. See Moderated Q&A Settings for details.




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