Kaltura Webcasting Controlling Attendees View Layout

The Control Views feature enables producers to select the best view for the attendees of a webcast event at any point in time. Producers can use the mixing capability in the Webcasting Application to create engagement and focus attendees on the slides or the video. To maintain the same experience as the live event, viewers of the VOD will also experience the same view layout changes.  

To enable this option, the following capabilities are provided by the Control Views feature:

  • Setting a configurable default state for the player
  • Changing the view for a webcast attendee during a live event
  • Maintain the live experience for the VOD experience as well

Setting a default view layout for the player

By setting the Default Layout paramater in the DualScreen player plugin, the producer can define the default view layout for the player, selecting from six options: 

  • Picture in picture - Slide in large frame
  • Picture in picture - Video in large frame
  • Side by side - Video appears on the right
  • Side by side - Video appears on the left
  • Video only
  • Slide only


Changing the view layout for Webcast Event attendees during a live event

At any point during the webcast, the producer may want to set the view layout for attendees. The layout change applies to that certain point in the video and will only occur for attendees when they reach that point in the video, accounting for latency and DVR viewing.

After a default has been defined, the producer may look to change the view for attendees. The view may be changed at a slide switch, or at any other point in time. To set the view layout during a live event, perform the following steps: 

1. Hover with your mouse over the current broadcasted slide to see the slide controls. 

2. Click the View Layout button and select a view layout for the audience. You can use the toggle button above each view to switch the location of the video in the layout. 

3. The selected view will appear in the view layout button. The view layout will remain in this state unless changed again. 

Note: Even though the producer may wish to control the view layout for attendees, attendees can still choose their own focus and just guide their choice at specific points in the event. 



Controlled View Layouts in VOD

To maintain the same experience as the live event, the same view layout changes will also happen to viewers watching the VOD; therefore, each view layout change from the live event is transferred to the VOD recording.






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