Join A Kaltura Live Room Via LMS/Media Gallery

After the Newrow module is enabled and users have been assigned Permissions In LMS by the system Admin, students and teachers can join or initiate live rooms respectively. Please note that all images included in this article are of a generic LMS template and may not be identical to your LMS's display.

Join Your Live Room Via LMS/Media Gallery

To connect to live meeting rooms via your LMS

  1. Log in to your LMS.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Within that course, select Media Gallery.
  4. Select the Media tab.
  5. Click Start Meeting or Join Meeting.

💡If you are set as an Instructor within the course/meeting, you can initiate/start a live session and enjoy the full instructor permissions in the live room.  Students/learners are able to join a live session with basic student permissions. 

For a walkthrough of your institution's LMS, please refer to one of the following tutorials: 

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