Kaltura Management Console User Guide

This guide provides  an  in-depth  description  of  the  KMC  basic  concepts  and  use. This  guide  is  primarily  intended  for  content  managers  and  Kaltura  Management  Console  users  and  contains  useful  information  for  developers,  integrators,  and  operations  and  site  administrators  using  the  Kaltura  platform. Please refer to the official and latest product release notes for last-minute updates. Technical support may be obtained directly from:  Kaltura Customer Care.

Section 1 Introducing KMC Next Generation - Overview 

Section 2  Getting Started 

Section 3 The Content Menu

Section 4 Uploading and Ingestion

Section 6 Administration Pages 

Section 7  Settings Pages

Section 8 Moderating Content

Section 9 Using Subtitles and Captions 

Section 10 Creating and Configuring Playlists 

 Section 11 Managing Categories 

Section 12 Managing Content Entitlement 

Sec 13 Content Distribution and Syndication 

Section 14 Managing Access Control Profiles 

Section 15 Advertising and Ad Networks 

Section 16 Usage Dashboard Information Guide for VPaaS Customers

Section 17 KMC Analytics Dashboards



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