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This guide provides  an  in-depth  description  of  the  KMC  basic  concepts  and  use. This  guide  is  primarily  intended  for  content  managers  and  Kaltura  Management  Console  users  and  contains  useful  information  for  developers,  integrators,  and  operations  and  site  administrators  using  the  Kaltura  platform.Please refer to the official and latest product release notes for last-minute updates. Technical support may be obtained directly from:  Kaltura Customer Care.

Section 1 Introducing KMC Next Generation - Overview 

New Functionality

What Can I Do with the KMC?

Media Management and Workflow

Studio Player Design and Configuration


Section 2  Getting Started 

Login to KMC 

Forgot Password 

Free Trial 

The KMC Header 

Personal Preferences 


Section 3 The Content Menu

Entries Tab

Moderation Tab

Playlists Tab

Syndication Tab

Categories Tab

Upload Control

Bulk Upload

Drop Folders

The KMC Entries Table

Searching and Filtering Through Media

Refining Options for Entries

Refining Options for Categories

Refining Options for Playlists

Refining Options for Moderated Content

Refining Options for Bulk Uploads

Share and Embed

Embed Code Types

Search Engine Optimization

Support for HTTPS Embed Code

Editing Entries

Additional Editing Actions - Bulk Actions

More Actions


Change Owner

Add/Remove Co-Publishers

Add/Remove Co-Editors

Add to New Category

Add to New Playlist

Add/Remove Categories

Add/Remove Tags

Set Access Control

Set Scheduling

Entry Editing Tabs Overview

Metadata Tab


Access Control


Flavors Tab

Add Video/Audio

Upload from Desktop

Import Files

Link to Remote Storage

Replace Media

Upload from Desktop

Import from URL

Link to Remote Storage

Actions for Transcoding Flavors (for a single flavor)


Live Stream


Related Files




Choosing a Thumbnail for your Video

Actions for Thumbnails 


Section 4 Uploading and Ingestion

What is a kaltura Entry?

Browser-based Ingestion

Creating an Entry

Upload Media

Upload from Desktop

Need High Speed Upload

What is Bulk Upload?

CSV Bulk Upload

Entries XML Bulk Upload

Uploading Entries in Bulk

The Bulk Upload Log Page

Downloading Bulk File Samples

What is a Drop Folder?

Drop Folder Table

Delete Multiple Files from Drop Folders

Drop Folder Statuses

The Upload Monitor

Create a Live Stream Entry 

Kaltura Live Streaming (HDS / HLS / DASH)

Universal Streaming (HDS/HDLS)

Manual Live Stream URLs

Prepare Entry

Prepare Video Entry

Preparing a Draft Entry Workflow

Prepare Audio Entry

Creating Draft Entries

Key Benefits and Functionality of Draft Entries

Hosting Videos at your Preferred Location and Linking to Kaltura

Replacing Video Assets for a Kaltura Entry

Uploading and Modifying Related Files


Transcoding and Processing

Converting Videos into Multiple Flavors (Optimized Output Files)

Adding a Transcoding Profile

Actions for Transcoding Profiles

Edit Flavors in a Live Transcoding Profile

Transcoding Profiles for Live Streaming



Quick Publishing

Editing Options for Flavors in a Transcoding Profile

Assigning a Transcoding Profile to a Bulk Upload

Useful Tips for Working with Transcoding Profiles


Section 6 Administration Pages 

KMC Roles and Permissions 

The Users Tab

Adding a KMC User 

Editing a User 

Deleting and Blocking Users

Purchasing a License for Additional Users 

The Roles Tab

Creating or Editing Custom Roles

Role Management

Multi Account Management

Summary of Enabled Capabilities

How are Multiple Accounts Associated within a Single Organization?

Getting Started

Managing your Accounts – The Accounts Page

Adding Publisher Accounts

Authorizing User Access to the Multi Account Tab

Searching and Filtering Accounts

Account Management Actions

Template Accounts

How to Create a Template Account

Section 7  Settings Pages

Account Settings

Integration Settings

Adding Entitlements to Categories

Access Control

Transcoding Settings

Custom Data

Types of Metadata

Metadata Actions

Custom Metadata Functionality

Using Custom Data for Entries

Using Custom Data for Categories

Managing Schemas

Adding a Schema

Adding Custom Data Fields


Related Entries

Setting Values for Metadata Fields - Per Category

My User Settings

Account Information


Section 8 Moderating Content

Previewing Content Using the Moderation Tab

Rejecting Content Using the Moderation Tab

Approving Content Using the Moderation Tab

Set Moderation Flags

Setting Moderation Options from the Entries Table

Applying Bulk Actions to Moderated Media


Section 9 Using Subtitles and Captions 

Captions File Types

Subtitles and Captions Terminology

Adding Catptions to an Entry

Editing a Captions File

Setting Up Captions for Display


Section 10 Creating and Configuring Playlists 

The Playlists Tab

Creating a Manual Playlist

Creating a Rule Based Playlist

Defining a Rule

Multiple Rules Based Playlist

Playlist Actions

Deleting a Playlist

Removing Videos from a Playlist

Adding/Editing Metadata to a Playlist

Customizing Additional Features for Playlists

Playlist Table Actions

Applying Bulk Actions to Playlists


 Section 11 Managing Categories 

The Categories Table

Categories Table Actions

Adding/Editing a Specific Category Name

Adding/Editing Metadata to a Category

Viewing Entries

Defining and Assigning Entries to Categories

Entitlement Settings of a Category

Reordering/Deleting Sub Categories

Editing Multiple Categories in Bulk

Change Category Owner

Change Contribution Policy

Change Category Listing

Change Content Privacy

Move Categories

Add Tags to Categories

Remove Tags from Categories

Delete Categories

Updating the Catgories' Status

Visibility of Content Associated with Multiple Categories


Section 12 Managing Content Entitlement 

Kaltura's Entitlements Model

Category’s Entitlements Tab

Entitlement's Workflow


Privacy Context Label

Content Privacy

Category Listing

Content Publish Permissions - Contribution Policy 

Moderate Content

End User Permissions

End-User Permission Attributes

Setting the Entitlement Settings

Change Owner

Managing Categories’ End-User Permissions 

Add End Users to Entitlements

Add Users from a Parent Category

Bulk Actions for Managing Categories End-User Permissions

Visibility of Content Associated with Multiple Categories

Visibility of Content Outside the Application


Sec 13 Content Distribution and Syndication 

Kaltura's Distribution Model

How does distribution Work

Distributing an Entry

Modifying the Distribution Information

Scheudling a Video package

Validating a Video Package

Removing an Entry from the Distribution Video Package

The Syndication Tab

Content syndication

Syndicating to a Standard MRSS Feed (Bing)

Setting Up Syndication

Syndicating to Google Search Console

Google: Feed Parameters

Syndicating to Bing

Bing: Feed Parameters

Syndicating to iTunes

iTunes: Feed Parameters

Syndicating to Roku Direct Publisher

Syndicating to VEWD Snap

Flexible Feed Format


Section 14 Managing Access Control Profiles 

Creating an Access Profile

Editing an Access Profile

Restricting Domains 

Adding or Removing a Domain

Restricting Countries for Viewing 

Adding or Removing Geographic Regions (Countries)

Restricting Views by IP Address

Adding or Removing IP Addresses

Restricting Access for Specific Flavors

Adding or Blocking Flavors

Removing Flavors

Restricting Views with a Kaltura Session


Assigning an Access Control Profile to an Entry

Assigning an Access Profile to a Bulk Upload


Section 15 Advertising and Ad Networks 

Overview of Advertising with Kaltura

Player Branding

Connecting with Ad Server

Kaltura Player and Ad Plugins

Supported Ad Servers

Ad Terminology

Creating Kaltura Video Ads

Configuring VAST Ads



Section 16 Usage Dashboard Information Guide for VPaaS Customers

Overall Usage Report

Plays Report

Storage Report

Bandwidth Report

Transcoding Consumption Report

Media Entries Report

End Users Report


Section 17 KMC Analytics Dashboards



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