Account Settings


The Account Settings information includes the data you submitted during the registration process and is accessed through the Settings tab. You can change or update any of the details in this section.

To view/edit your account information

1. Select the Settings icon.
2. Select the Account tab.

Account Settings Fields

The following table describes the fields for Account Settings:

Account Settings Fields


Name of Publisher/Company

Name of your organization.

Name of Account Owner

The user who created the KMC account and is the recipient of account level email communication. The drop-down menu lists the names of all users of the KMC account who are associated with the ‘Publisher Administrator’ role

(Full permission to account’s KMC functionalities), so it is possible to set a different account owner, when needed.


 Your Phone number


Your company website

Describe Yourself

The drop-down menu lists possible descriptions of your role in your organization.

Account Reference ID

Use this field to allow storing an external identifier for supporting integrations with systems external to Kaltura or can be used to match a filename to an entry using the Drop Folder feature.

Upgrade Your Account

To upgrade your account
  1. Select the Settings icon.
  2. Select the Account Information tab.
  3. Leave us a message; fill in your name, telephone and comment, and click Send.
    A Kaltura representative will contact you back.

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